Here are some frequently asked questions about Klee ™ products. 

KLEE Kids™ and KLEE Girls™ Natural Mineral Makeup

Q: Is your makeup all natural? 

Our mineral eye shadows, blush, lip gloss and face paints are made of only minerals and other natural ingredients. There are absolutely no synthetic ingredients.

Q: How is your makeup different from other adult makeup?

There is no difference – except it may be some of the cleanest makeup on the market.

Q: How long does your makeup keep?

Because we do not use synthetic preservatives, we recommend that you discard the makeup six months after opening. Discard powders at once if they become wet.

Q: I can buy a whole big box of makeup for kids or teens at most stores. Why are your products so much more expensive?

Most other brands import their makeup from China, and most of them are full of harsh chemicals and synthetic colorants. Klee uses only natural ingredients, most of which are far more expensive than synthetic alternatives.

All our products are crafted in the USA or Canada.

Q: Are your products gluten free?

Yes, they are completely gluten free.

PINKi Naturali™ Odor-Free, Water-based Nail Polish

Q: Is your nail polish truly odor-free?

Yes, it has zero odors because it contains no acetates, alcohol, glycol ethers or any other harsh chemicals.
It only contains water, natural mineral colors and an inert coating.

Q: Why is there a synthetic coating in your product?

Polyurethane and acrylic copolymer are inert resins necessary to form the coat on the fingernails. All other ingredients are natural.

Q: How long will the nail polish last?

PINKi Nautrali™ nail polish is not designed for extended wear. With normal wear, it will last for two or three days on fingernails.

Q: Does the nail polish really peel off?

Yes. We developed the unique Color ‘N Peel technology that allows our nail polish to be peeled from nails without the use of harsh nail polish remover. Just soak nails in warm water and rub off.

Q: Why should I choose a water-based nail polish?

Most nail polish are solvent-based paint filled with chemicals like toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalates, glycol ethers and acetates. Not only are these chemicals harmful, they also damage your nails, leaving them brittle and dull over time.

PINKi Nautrali™ offers a chemical-free alternative that is far safer than conventional nail polishes.

PRETENDi Naturali™ Mineral Face Paint

Q: Why PRETENDi Naturali ™?

Most kids’ face paints are full of harsh chemicals like PEG, parabens, petrochemical-based oils like paraffin and mineral oils, FD&C colors and synthetic dyes.

Our face paints contain only natural waxes, oils, mineral colors and nothing else. It contains nothing that is harmful to young skin.

Q: How do you use PRETENDi Naturali™ Face Paint?

Apply directly onto face and body. For details, use a paint brush.

Q: How do you remove the face paint?

Just use soap and water. Darker colors may leave a harmless stain after extended use. Rub off with olive oil or an oil-based moisturizer.

Q: How many faces can I paint with one tube of PRETENDi Naturali Face Paint?

It depends on the design but normally one tube lasts for quite a long time.