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Made in USA

Klee GIRLS pressed powder compacts and Lip Gloss Selection

Klee GIRLS pressed powder compacts and Lip Gloss Selection

Why spoil young , delicate skin with harsh chemicals?

Traditional makeup is filled with petrochemical ingredients, artificial dyes and paraben-based preservatives.

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Start right with KLEE Girls All-Natural Mineral Makeup by Luna Star Naturals. Only natural minerals and other gentle, natural ingredients are used to formulate KLEE Girls products. ZERO parabens, phthalates, petrochemical ingredients or synthetic dyes. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The KLEE Girls collection includes 9-pressed-powder eye shadow compacts, 4 loose-powder OR pressed-powder blushes and 4 flavored lip glosses.  Our girls makeup kit gift sets are also available.

Made in USA.




Klee Girls Natural Mineral Makeup

Tips and Tricks

Mineral makeup can last for hours because the minerals will bind with the natural oils on the skin over time, giving a flawless, natural look.

For a more vibrant look, place some powders on a small dish or any clean, dry surface. Apply with a slightly moist brush. The colors become even more vibrant, and the makeup will last even longer.

Want even more drama? Place some powders on a small dish, then add a drop of clean water and blend until it takes on a paint-like consistency. Apply with a brush. Perfect stage makeup without all the harmful materials.  Last for hours without creasing.

Want to try a new color? The powders are blendable. You can create your own colors blending the dry powders, then applying with a dry brush for a lighter touch or a moist brush for more dramatic effects.