Go On. Express Yourself, safely and naturally

We pretend to be Superman, the hairy, scary green spider, the princess who will live happily ever after. 

We curl our hair with our little fingers, cut it with kitchen scissors (oops), paint our nails with markers, parade around in our dad’s Grateful Dead T-shirt and mom’s Jackie-O sunglasses that just won’t stay on our nose. We put lipstick on our kid brother, paint our snoozing grandpa’s toe nails, dust on too much blush.

When we see mom putting on makeup getting ready for work or shopping, we, too, can’t WAIT for the day we get our own mascara.

When we are old enough, we take the little pocket money we have to buy our first lip gloss and eye shadow. Without telling mom.

KLEE Girls natural mineral blush by Luna Star Naturals

And that’s just part of growing up.

Here at Klee, we make it our mission to make all these special moments safe.  We insist on using the best and safest natural materials, and keeping production local in the United States and Canada.

Only wholesome, natural ingredients are selected for Klee Girls natural mineral makeup, Klee Kids play makeup kits and Pretendi Naturali face paint. Our Pinki Naturali water-based nail polish is so clean it is odor-free. We NEVER use parabens, artificial colors or any other harmful ingredients. We are a member of and follow the standards of the Safe Cosmetics Business Network.

After all, why should we risk putting on cheap chemicals on our kids’ skin when it’s at its most delicate?

Enjoy the colors of nature. Makeup a Whole New World. ™