Water-Based | Odor-Free | Paint 'N Peel

Made in Canada

Pinki Naturali natural kid nail polish

Finally, a truly odor-free nail polish.

Most little girls have played with their mom's nail polishes. But - YUCK - most nail polishes smell toxic because of the fumes released by scary chemicals.

Pinki Naturali contains non of those chemicals - nor any synthetic dyes. All colors are from natural minerals. Best of all, we created the unique Color 'N Peel formula so the paint peels right off after the nails are soaked in warm water. No nail polish remover needed.

So long - stinky pinkies!

Pinki Naturali is handcrafted in Canada.

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PINKI Naturali water-based kids nail polish

The main difference between Pinki Naturali and other water-based kids' nail polishes is that it can be rubbed or peeled off after nails are soaked in warm water. Most other water-based nail polishes, however, are difficult to remove, even with acetone-based removers. Unlike other brands, the wonderful colors are from natural minerals, not artificial dyes.

With some care, Pinki Naturali can last for a few days on nails without chipping even after hot baths or showers.

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