Return customer and just as pleased as the first time. What a lovely product for my granddaughters aged 8, 7 and 5 to play makeup with.
— Jelo, Pennsylvania, on

Twas a little princess who spent night and day dreaming about getting her little hands on mom's makeup.

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One day, the Fairy Queen granted her her wish: she concocted Klee Kids natural play makeup with the gentlest ingredients the nature has created so that all our little princesses could play happily forever - without ever being near any harsh, harmful chemicals. Little girls makeup should be fun!

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Klee Kids has forgone harsh chemicals that are in most traditional play makeup - mineral oil, talc, FD&C colors and paraben-based preservatives - and formulated its line of play makeup only with natural minerals and other organic and natural ingredients.



Perfect for princess tea parties, mom-and-daughter home spa sessions, sleepovers or dance recitals and parties.



I’m obsessed with reducing toxins and chemicals in food and products that I subject my children too. This is a difficult task given the onslaught of chemicals everywhere ... My 6 year old daughter wanted make-up so badly that she was coloring her face with markers, so I needed to find a non-toxic option and this kit is perfect!
The eye shadow is loose powder, and basically the same quality as my mineral make-up, and the finger nail polish doesn’t require a ventilation system to reduce the brain-cell killing fumes of other nail polish ...
— S. Sessions, New Mexico, on
Klee Kids Queen Fairy Natural Makeup Kit

Most children's makeup is a cheap mix of petrochemical ingredients, artificial dyes, paraben-based preservatives and other harsh chemicals.  Klee Naturals swears off all harsh ingredients, and uses only gentle, natural minerals to formulate its Natural Mineral play makeup. Our kids makeup is always fun and always safe.

We believe our kids deserve the best, and should never put any harsh chemicals on their skin when it's at its most delicate. We keep production here in the United States for the peace of mind.